Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome post!

Hello new and old readers! This is my first post after taking advantage of google's free advertising offer, so I thought I'd do an introductory post to tell everyone something about who I am and what my blog is all about.

There's not much worth telling about me- I'm someone whose life has been consumed by reading, writing, and thinking, but this is my first attempt to turn those inclinations toward monetary gain. I am an atheist (or an atheist agnostic or a nontheist), a moral skeptic (or error theist or even nihilist), and a devoted humanist. I have ideas about philosophy and spirituality that I think are rather original and worth sharing with the world, and I hope that I manage to draw the attention and hold the interest of large numbers of people who will be inclined to click on the stupid little ads on the right side of my page, but I'll be happy to host a fruitful exchange of ideas on any scale.

The overarching project to which this blogs is devoted is to explore the notion of a meaningful life in a totally nontheistic, humanistic, arguably naturalistic context, and to work the spiritual philosophy I've been scribbling into notebooks for the last decade into a respectable and presentable form. My writing in this blog will not be limited to that explicit project, however; I will be doing the blogger thing, writing about whatever I care to and responding to other bloggers who I think have something interesting to say.

If you look through my previous entries, you will find a wide variability of subject matter and writing quality. Up until now this has been a personal blog that I've just shared with a few friends, and I haven't made a conscious effort to write well, to post regularly, or to respond to comments. Now that I'm making a conscious effort to reach out to large numbers of new readers, I'll be working hard to do all of those things.

So welcome to Laugh at the Darkness. If you like what you see, keep coming around, and let me know who you are! I'll be happy to hear from you if you love me, hate me, or just wonder what I'll say next, and I'll do my best to reply to your comments. Think, communicate, and have fun!

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