Saturday, November 27, 2010

Death is the question.

Getting ready for karaoke with Ashley, listening to some pretty great music. It's reminding me of something I expect to find myself writing about a lot here: Death, and how the eventuality, possibility, and option of death can bring things into perspective. Briefly, believing that we just get this one life, and remembering that this is so, can really make small things seem small, and remind us of what really matters. How can we maintain that kind of perspective without having to think about death all the time, or being morose or anxious about it?

This is one of the concerns of mortality, which is a big focus for me, and the answers to it are to be found (I think) in appreciation, enjoyment, love, creativity, and humor. The meanings these words hold for me will be unfolding in good time, but they are my cardinal virtues (I don't mean to say that I have all of these virtues to any decent degree), the things that make life good and are capable of justifying life to us as we turn to question it, the attitudes and experiences that renew life and make it worthwhile in the face of hardship, tragedy, and boredom.

There you have a peek at my hardcore existentialist spiritual philosophy. More to come.

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