Friday, December 3, 2010


Here is the second post in which I'm just re-posting some things from elsewhere for the sake of convenience. As little as I care for lists of beliefs, I did end up writing one. On days when I don't feel like writing about anything else, I may explicitly refer back to this post and elaborate on some item from this list. And here it is:

One of the effects of the long dark tunnel I found myself trapped in last year is a recurring difficulty taking seriously everything I believed in so passionately before. For the times when I am able to understand it, I've composed for myself a list of reminders:

I believe in mystery and spontaneity.

I believe in time, space, experience, and indeterminacy.

I believe in reason, passion, and criticality.

I believe in this organism.

I believe in mortality and tragedy.

I believe that all of this is neither owed nor promised.

I believe in insanity and abundance.

I believe in letting go, accepting, and letting be.

I believe in openness, trust, sharing, and giving.

I believe in enjoyment, appreciation, desire, love, creativity, and humor.

I believe in commitment, compassion, and conscience.

I believe in personal autonomy and social responsibility.

I believe in freedom.

I believe in us.

I believe that we're doing this.

I believe in being the change.

I believe that if we work together, we can make this a better world.

All of this is what lets me love life, what makes me love us and makes me so willing to speak up for us, what makes the world worth living in and making better. When I am the passionate creature that I should be, all of this makes sense to me; I hope that as my mind and brain continue to heal and I make a better life for myself, I will be in that condition more often.

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